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Comprehensive class-action settlement administration services for legal professionals

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to make the management of each class distribution as effortless and cost-effective as possible, while assuring proper treatment of all members. Our process includes:

Class Data Clean Up

Our expertise in list management means that we can provide our clients with access to a number of sophisticated resources to assist in list de-duplication, as well as address, phone and fax verification. We can also assist with record completion from publically-available databases.

Document Design and Layout

Our professional staff will assist in preparing the Notice for distribution, in accordance with the court directive. Our documents are designed to be easy to read and to make it simple for members to understand the settlement and join the class.

Fax Services

If the court approves distribution via facsimile, we can deliver the Notices in a single day, and provide you with instant reporting on success rates. Faxing is a very cost-effective means of distribution and will permit more of the settlement to be reserved for class members.

Email & SMS Alerts

Email can also be an effective way to distribute information to a large class. We can facilitate a broadcast e-mail message, or deliver data via SMS when those data fields are available in the class list. We can also provide confirmation of claim submission via e-mail or sms.

Printing & Mailing Services

If Notices are required to be distributed via the mail, we'll print, address, validate, and mail each document, and our bulk mailing capabilities will save you time and money. As with all distribution methods, detailed reporting on mail success rates is available.

Dedicated PO Box, Phone, Fax, Email and SMS

A dedicated PO Box, toll-free phone and fax numbers and custom e-mail and SMS allow for efficient submission of claims. These dedicated services assure proper routing of callers and returned mail. Live operator assistance is available for disabled class members or others who require assistance.

Custom Online Data Collection

Our proprietary PIN and password secured website allows class members to simply log on and register. The step-by-step instructions are clear and concise. This online system allows us to gather data efficiently, and prevent claim duplication and fraud. Contact us to request a demo.

Document Management

We provide a document management solution that makes claims administration nearly paperless. Our system permits record compilation and storage in a secure, searchable online database. Custom reporting of class statistics is available for submitted claims by method, undeliverable mail, and denied claims.

1099 Forms / IRS Reporting

For settlements where the individual award exceeds $599, we will prepare, print and distribute Form 1099-MISC as required under IRS regulations. Since the funds are paid directly from our trust account, we'll prepare and submit the file electronically directly to the Service.

Fund Disbursement

We maintain a bonded and insured trust account for fund disbursement. The funds can be received via check or wire. We produce checks and mail them directly to the class members. We also provide a thorough accounting of all disbursements to each affected party.